The advantages, obtained by this invention, consist essentially that, with just one washing-sweeping machine, it is possible to wash, to sweep and to dry in the same time and in a perfect way any type of floor, working straight, in narrow or crowded environments and/or steering on itself to the left or to the right, without leaving water traces, with a squeegee tighter than the cleaning trail.
Directional containing and guiding system for the cleaning mixture, put before the main brush, allows a considerable saving of water and detergent: from a minimum of 500 ml to a maximum of 2000 ml per minute, for working in great dirt concentrations and with a cylindrical brush washing system. It’s fundamental to consider and to compare these consumption parameters for the cleaning solution with actually existing and competing washing-sweeping machines with cylindrical brushes, with cleaning solution consumption values very higher than ours, from a minimum of 1500 ml to a maximum of 4500 ml per minute. Keeping in mind this difference in cleaning solution consumption, in economical terms, just the detergent saving permits to amortize the machine cost in a short time, with a faster, better and more flexible cleaning for a machine of contained dimensions and high cleaning autonomy.
It’s not still necessary making flux regulations of cleaning mixture in working, as turning while in passages, in narrow spaces, in unexpected slowing-down and in hard-steerings, while working on difficult surfaces like concrete floors or waterproof surfaces like granite floors.
Another advantage is given from the accumulation of the cleaning solution before the working brush which maintains constant permanence for a better aggression of the dirt, with greater chemical reaction of the mixture, which is totally kept with the heavy dirt, leaving just a thin film of cleaning mixture dried by the squeegee, leaving the floor perfectly sweeped, dry and not slippery.
These important advantages derived from the innovation, in this case from the air diffusers put on the sides and on the front of the working brush, which avoid the loss of cleaning solution from the sides, mainly during steering and during working near the wall, for the effect of the compressed air flowing out from them. They also avoid the loss of cleaning solution jets from the sides, expecially in commercial areas where the lost jets could ruin boxes and containers.
On the EVO it’s not still necessary assembly side flaps, used on competitor machines, which cause continuous regulation and obstacles while moving.
Another advantage derived from the innovation is the fact that the optimization and the orientation of the cleaning mixture to the working brush, permits to use a squeegee that doesn’t come out from the cleaning trail. This permits a contemporary sweeping and cleaning work also in the presence of great quantities of heavy dirt, without compromising the floor drying and without moving polluting dust in the air. All this happens for the action of the compressed air discharged by side diffusers, put on the side and in front of the working brush. The air moved by the working brush keeps the detergent mixtures inside the squeegee width, also while the machine is steering on itself.
Actual competitor machines use squeegees which come out from the clean width for 150mm or 200mm for each side. In these protuberances, inevitably, dust accumulates because they don’t work on the wet, and this takes to the ruining of suction motors and to the pollution for environment and workers.

The invention refers to a washing-sweeping machine with a containing and guiding system for the flux of cleaning mixture put on the side and in front of the working brush, characterized by contemporary principles 1, 2, 3 and 4

1. Reflux of the saved air from the suction motors
2. Compressed air diffusers
3. Nozzles for cleaning solution flux
4. Cleaning solution, accumulated in front of the brush

The cleaning mixture is put on the floor and accumulated only inside the track where the machine is moving.
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